Delivery & Transport options

Here at DIY Gazebo and Bali Huts, we want to make your experience as convient and painless as possible.

Sydney and surrounding areas

We can deiver to you within 2-3 hours driving radius from PENRITH, NSW. Please contact to arrange a delivery cost estimation to your premise.

Local pickups

Local pickups are more than welcome from our warehouse in EMU PLAINS (next suburb over from Penrith). Please contact us either by phone or email to book a time & date of pickup.

We are generally here between 7:30 – 5pm but there are times where we are onsite, so booking is essential.



We can arrange delivery to our closest transport depots for you to pickup from. This ensures we are able to keep the freight prices down.

Delivery to your door for large freight can be extremely expensive as the cost is broken up into 2 seperate deliveries.
1. first delivery is from NSW depot to your closest depot.
2. It is then reloaded onto a second delivery to your door

if you don’t have a forklift onsite, which most people don’t, then a crane truck or two people are required to unload.

If you are a business or know a business with a forklift, we can most certainly arrange delivey direct to the premises and the cost is similar to going to a major depot.

Our carriers depots are at the following locations;

Melbourne Cameron’s Depot

[122-124 Canterbury Road, Bayswater North VIC 3153](geo:0,0?q=122-124 Canterbury Road Bayswater North VIC 3153)

Brisbane Cameron’s Depot

Bldg [8, 84 Christensen Road, Yatala QLD 4207](geo:0,0?q=8 84 Christensen Road Yatala QLD 4207)

Adelaide Cameron’s Depot

[21-35 Tappa Road, Edinburgh Parks SA 5111](geo:0,0?q=21-35 Tappa Road Edinburgh Parks SA 5111)