How to order your diy kit

Ordering your kit is simple.

  1. Browse our DIY Kits and click on the view more button on the kit you want to order.
  2. Choose your color (if available) by highlighting the box in green.
  3. Choose your size by highlighting the box in green.
  4. Specify your optional extras.
  5. Click the request a quote button, It will then take you to 'send the request' page
  6. Fill out the details section to help get the ball rolling for accurate pricing, sizing and quotation. It is crucial that you add all the information you can so we can get an accurate price sorted for you.

    Note: Remember to tick I'm not a robot (this is to control spam from accessing the account) then send your request.

    Allow 2-5 working days for your written quotation. Getting exact pricing on delivery can delay written quotes, so bare with us. In the meantime we will generally send you a confirmation of your quote request within 24 hours.
  7. If we require further information we may contact you to discuss details further or furthermore if you have any questions which you require answered about your DIY kits, you can request a call from Daniel himself or just email us direct at With his expertise in carpentry and installation for over 15 years, dealing with Daniel direct will ensure you get all the information needed from a trusted licensed carpenter and owner of the business.
  8. Once you receive your quote, read through it and if you are happy to proceed, hit the acceptance button.
  9. We will then send an official invoice and contract. Please ensure you read through every details. Sign and return it.
  10. To get your DIY kit into production we will require a deposit. Click Pay deposit. An estimation on delivery will only be made once a deposit is paid. Generally, the ETA can range from 2-4 weeks depending on size and roofing options.

    Most importantly if your thinking of having your gazebo completed in peak season (Spring and Summer) ensure you complete your order during Autumn and Winter will help you avoid disappointment. Peak season brings high demand which can leave waiting ques of 3-6 weeks.

Don't delay, book your kit today!

If you were having a problem with sending a quote request, Simply Contact Us to send us your request.