Australian Cypress Posts

150 x 150 Square Australian Cypress Posts

Australian Cypress Posts are by far our most popular post choice for Gazebos and huts and can come in 3 different sizes.

  • 2400mm (concrete application)
  • 3000mm (in ground on fairly flat ground surfaces)
  • 3600mm (surfaces with an extreme slope)

Cypress is regarded as a very durable timber

The wood has a distinctive odour, most noticable when freshly sawn or planed. This odour is attributed to an included nature resin which is apparently an effective repellant for termite species and is ranked as naturally termite resistant.

Natural timber, sustainably harvested and regrown in Australian forests.

ecoSelect Timber Harvesting

Harvesting of natural timbers from forests that are licensed and / or controlled by State Governments ensuring forest values are protected for current and future generations. ie. harvesting is governed by the State Code of Forest Practices, Forest Management Area and prescriptions, Regional Forest Agreements and all of the relevant State and Federal Acts and regulations including the Floral and Fauna Guarantee

Where Does It Grow?

Over 90% of Cypress is harvested from natural regrowth forests in western NSW that lie in a band extending from Wagga Wagga and Griffith in the south to Moree and Inverell in the north.

These regrowth forests extend into southern Queensland.

In colour cypress ranges from the light cream of the sap wood up to a very dark brown (dark chocolate) of some of the interior hardwood of some mature trees. The occurance of large and small knots is a characteristic of the material but this characteristic also provides remarkably decorative figure on the planed surfaces. Typically the knots are tight knots which do not readily fall out of the sawn wood.