Harwood DIY Decking Kit

Harwood DIY Decking Kit to suit chosen size structure

Our Decking kits are unlike any other on the market.

If you have looked around you would have discovered that almost all of the Decking kits on the market have a H3 treated pine Frame mounted around the Posts and the decking butts up inside it of this frame.
This allows you to see all the bugle head screws going into the support Joists & without an edging it looks in-complete.
This is how these companies are able to offer such low prices as they save on materials supplied
Here at DIY Gazebo and bali huts our focus is to supply you with a top quality DIY kit which does not spare the correct materials t complet the job

what you get in your Deckit kit:

1. Pre-assembled and labelled decking frame.

2. 100 x 100mm H4 support posts

3. Joints spaced at a max of 450mm spacing

4. The appropriate amount of support bearers depending on the size of the structure.
this is crucial so you dont have any bounce in the centre points of your structure.

5. Quality Hardwood merbau Decking.
most importantly enough to do the entire edging.

6. Stainless steel screws for the Decking

7. Galvanised Bugle head screws for your Decking Frame