Colorbond Gazebos



Colorbond Gazebos

Intense Australian weather requires Gazebos to have a sturdy and durable roof strong enough to battle the harsh Aussie winds and storms.

Colorbond has gained popularity amongst the Aussies as it’s strong, durable, lightweight, can be easily insulated, not to mention Modern & very stylish.


  • 25 degrees roof pitch
    Improves the life of the roof by maintaining correct water run off
  • 150mm Rafter overhang
    Built like a traditional house roof with the weight of the roofing material & the rafters supported & fastened directly on top of the roof beams
    Adding superior strength to your structure as well as being much more appealing.

What’s included in your kit:

  • Corrugated Colorbond Roof Sheeting, Ridge capping & Colour coated screws to suit your choice of colour
  • 4 x Posts at your choice of 150mm Square or 200mm Round @ 2.4m, 3m or 3.6m
    please choose in optional extras & add size in quote description
  • F7 structured H3 treated pine frames (these are rot & termite resistant) with an unbelievable 25-year guarantee against rot and decay
  • 4 x Roof Beams. 3m & below= 190x45mm, 3m & above 240x45mm
  • Maximum 600mm Rafter spacings or spaced evenly
  • All the required galvanised Bugle head screws (spares included)
  • Pre-assembled Kit =All Roof battens cut to exact length, entire frame measured, marked & labelled accordingly
  • 8 x M12 Galvanised Bolts
  • Detailed DIY instructions & Labelled Plan
  • Access to our online members only area where we share years of installation experience through videos and photo tutorials to help you get the job done correctly the first time.
  • 1lt Touch Paint or Stain (if stain option has been chosen)

Colour Guide

Click here to check out the colour range from Colorbond.

Please note – Our Colorbond Gazebos are always updating so for the latest models or specials please call 1300 28 20 60 or contact us for a FREE “Tropical Oasis” complimentary guide.

Ordering your kit is simple.

  1. Choose your color (if available) by highlighting the box in green.
  2. Choose your size by highlighting the box in green.
  3. Specify your optional extras.
  4. Click the request a quote button, It will then take you to 'send the request' page
  5. Fill out the details section to help get the ball rolling for accurate pricing, sizing and quotation. It is crucial that you add all the information you can so we can get an accurate price sorted for you.
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For more, information visit 'How to order your kit' page OR If you were having a problem with sending a quote request, Simply Contact Us to send us your request.

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Check out the colour range from Colorbond link above and write your colour here.

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Why Choose Colorbond Roofing?

  • Extra Strong: Although light in weight, our colorbond sheets are made of heavy-duty quality material. Besides being strong, it’s termite-free, corrosion-resistant, and non-combustible.
  • Waterproof: Colorbond roofing is designed to allow water to trickle down the ridges. This ensures that your roof will have a long lifespan
  • Stylish: We offer Colorbond sheets in a variety of colours and designs that can be incorporated with the design and colour of the house or building structure.
  • Durable: Since Colorbond sheets are baked, they don’t crack and leak easily. The paint on the sheets doesn’t fade quickly, further making it easy to maintain and longer-lasting compared to tiles.
  • Easy to Install: We offer Colorbond sheets that are easy to install without professional help.
  • Insulated: Colorbond is a thermally efficient material making it an apt choice for roofing.

Pre-cut Vs Pre-assembled Kits


Timber roof beams, rafters and hips are pre-cut to their specified roof pitch and pre drilled ready for assembly. This is the entry level of every DIY gazebo kit out there on the Market & an important question to ask when shopping around.

DIY Gazebo and Bali Huts take it to the next level. We take the Pre-cut pieces and physically assemble the entire Timber roof frame on our warehouse floor. This allows us to measure all rafter spacings, accurately cut all roof battens, label the structure in our unique numbering sequence and sort out any unforeseen issues before it is sent out to you.

Once complete we dis-assemble and either send it to the staining department or pack it into a flatpack ( depending on your options) Ready for transport or Pickup.

NOTE:  Roof sheeting is not cut to size. It is required to be cut onsite once frame has been installed for it to be 100% accurate.

Pre-assembled Kits

  • Guaranteed Fit & peace of mind
  • Roof Battens already Cut or
    80mm spacings for thatching already marked
    (depending on what kit you have chosen)
  • super fast install on the roof frame
  • line up rafters with measured markings
  • line up screws with drilled screw holes
  • Time on assembling a pre-assembled after posts & roof beams are level:
    Approx 3-4 hours (depending on structure size & your level of experience)

Pre-cut Kit

  • You are required to physically screw and align all beams, rafters & hips correctly & whilst working at heights.
  • battens come at full lengths and will require cutting onsite to be accurate.
  • You are required to measure all rafter, battens & hip spacings evenly and whilst working at heights.
  • You may require adjustments and trimming onsite just like any carpenter installing would have to do.
  • pre-cut is not labelled
  • Time on assembling a Pre-cut Kit after posts and roof beams are level: approx 8-16 hours (depending on structure size & your level of experience)
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