H4 Treated Pine Posts

200mm Round H4 Treated Pine Posts @2400

200mm H4 Treated Pine Posts are most popularly used on bali and african huts for there unique oasis appearance.

When used on a concrete slab, 200mm posts can be cpmplimented with our 200mm cup stirups.

If your Gazebo or hut is going on dirt or grass, H4 is specifically designed to go in ground in a 500-600mm footing.

Refer to supplied specifications below.



H4 treatment allows the timber to be used in outside, in-ground applications & is often used for fence posts, in-ground pergola posts and landscaping timbers.

Timber in Australia is treated to six levels called Hazard (H) Classes. These treatment levels indicate where the treated product may be used.

Hazard Class

Where the treated wood may be used

In or on the ground subject to severe wetting and leaching

What the timber is protected against

Insects, termites and severe decay


Pine was chosen as a plantation species due to its robustness, excellent growth and versatility of its timber.
Pine is one of the easiest timbers to work with as it stains and glues well, is easy to saw and has good nail holding capacity.